Imam’s Corner

Who is our Imam?

IIC is glad to have Imam/ Shaykh/Mufti Manzar ul Islam al Azhari.

Imam Manzarul Islam al Azhari was born in India in 1980. He attended a traditional seminary for 8 years to complete his Alim education whilst learning multiple languages including Urdu, Persian, Hindi, and Arabic.

He then completed his undergraduate degree in Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar University in Cairo. He then served in the Egyptian Dar al- Ifta to complete his qualification as a Mufti.

After moving to US, Imam Manzar studied at UNC Chapel Hill, Oxford University UK, and completed his M.A. from Duke University. He also taught courses at Duke University. Currently Imam Manzar is pursuing his Ph.D. from the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

He has to his credit over 50 published research papers and books. He has presented his works in several international universities. He currently holds the position of Religious Director and Resident Scholar at the Islamic Information Center, Las Vegas, NV.

Ask the Iman

IIC is happy to offer the “Ask the Imam” service for its local as well as an online community to seek religious guidance from Imam Manzar al Azhari. Any members of the community can reach the Imam via his personal email: | (919) 798- 5646.

The Imam holds his office hours twice a week on Mondays & Tuesdays from Maghrib to Isha.

The Imam is also available after the five daily prayers Mondays thru Fridays. Members are welcomed to consult with the Imam at these timings too.

Counseling with Imam

The Imam offers counseling to the members of the community on any religious and social issues. You can visit him during the office hours or by an appointment.



Currently the Imam offers two main lectures on Friday and Saturday nights. On Friday nights, he discusses current issues by reflecting on the verses of Surat al-Noor. On Saturday nights he explains the biography of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.


The Imam is available to conduct marriage services. Any members of the community are welcomed to avail this service by appointment.

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