IIC focuses on community educational activities. For this purpose, IIC holds several educational programs for both adult and children during the weekdays and weekends.

Some of them are:

  • Al-Mubeen Hifth School
  • Al-Manara Islamic School
  • Al-Farooq Youth Club

Social Affairs

Islamic Information Center organizes the social activities of the mosque, including community dinners, Iftar programs, welcoming new members to the community, working with members of the community to assist in their special needs, and playing a role to improve their overall well-being.

Also, IIC collects charities such as Zakah, Sadaqat al-Fitr, and all other types of charities. The center also organizes fundraising events.


IIC organizes weekly youth programs, initiates sporting programs for the youth and for the general community. Also, IIC holds picnic, Eid celebrations, camps, field trips, and provides the youth an Islamic education rooted in spirituality.


Conveying the true message of Islam and teachings of the religion is the responsibility of every Muslim. In terms of priority, the Islamic centers are even more responsible for this particular obligation.

Therefore, Islamic Information Center (IIC) has established an organized department for this very purpose.

The department works primarily in two ways:

1) organizing the educational, social, and religious activities for the Muslim community and to

2) uphold events for Non-Muslims within the area.

In addition, for converts, IIC assists the process of integration into the community. Imam of IIC supervises the Department of Da’wah.

Media Outreach

IIC organizes, attend, advertise and participate in civic engagement programs, trainings or workshops serving the goals of IIC and its community members. IIC establishes ties of communication, mutual understanding and respect with the local Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Additionally, IIC advertises events outside of the IIC, publishing reports, and inviting the media when needed.

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